Full Name: Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill

Last Name Pronounced: Rhymes with travel.

Nicknames: Henners, Hank, H

Birthday: 05/05/83

Height: 6ish 6'1"

Eye Color: Blue with a brown bit at the top of my left eye.

Hair Color: Brown

Tattoos/Piercings: Nothing

Birthplace/Where You Grew Up: Jersey in Great Britain, it's a tiny island in between England and France.

Current Residence: I go back to Jersey as a home base but am floating around the world at the moment.

Family (Parents, Siblings, Pets): 4 brothers, no sisters, and a parrot, oh and my parents are together.

Schooling: British boarding school

Hobbies: Snow boarding, not skiing (although skiing is still fun I just don't do it anymore), reading, partying, meeting new people. Writing to my fans : ) lol. Oh and I love going to the beach.


... Actors: Mel Gibson, Russel Crowe

... Movie: Gladiator, love period action movies (mostly coz I'm fascinated by ancient history).

... TV Show: Scrubs, only seen it once but couldn't stop laughing for a week.

... Music: Absolutely anything that I like the sound of I listen to, mostly it depends on my mood.

... Band/Singer: Def Leppard, "The Vault" is one of the very few CD's I own.

... Book: Too difficult a question, I don't even know that.

... Sport: Rugby, can't play anymore due to bad neck and back injuries.

... Color: Blue of any kind

... Clothing Item: My jacket, v. dark soft brown leather, I couldn't live without it.

... Food/Drink: Nepalese

... Junk Food: KFC or In 'n' Out Burger (only a recent discovery for me coz I only just got to the states).

... Car: Hummer or Viper, both good cars, shame the insurance on either of them would kick my butt.

Worst job experience: Working for a lawyers firm for work experience (I was the tea boy and photocopy guy basically).

Best job experience: ACTING, although working on Laguna was the best experience because I was the lead and therefore had a great relationship with the director and cast and crew, and got to see Italy.

How long have you been acting? About a year and a half.

What other types of acting have you done? Amateur stage productions at boarding school.

What would be your dream role? Alexander the Great

Best childhood memory? Play fights with the whole family.

What five words best describe you? I DUNNO, you tell me.

What do you never leave home without? Money, passport and credit cards.

What are your pet peeves? People who always want to be the center of attention. Unfriendliness or just lack of effort in anything they do.

Morning or night person? Well I go out at night and eventually get into bed by midday so I guess I'm both.

Are you quiet or outgoing? Very outgoing

Favorite place you have ever visited? Nepal

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to be? Brazil

Who do you look up to/Who inspires you? My best friends who are older, and my oldest brother.

Have any hidden talents? Languages